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Runtastic’s Orbit Fitness Band Review

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There are various fitness trackers readily available in the market these days offered by different manufacturers. However, the Runtastic’s Orbit Fitness Band seems to be generating much enthusiasm and attention. If you are searching for a reliable product to be added on your shopping list, the Runtastic’s Orbit Fitness Band is worth considering. Runtastic is a well-known company that makes exclusive applications specially designed for fitness. These applications include running apps, which have the capacity of tracking your pace, distance and more.


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The company has also been noted as excellent provider of quality fitness wearables like arm bands, GPS watches, heart rate monitors and many more. However, in response to individuals’ demands for more compact and sleeker bands, the Orbit fitness band were created and now introduced in the market. Many fitness lovers and enthusiasts are now displaying the urge of using this product.

Runtastic’s Orbit Fitness Band

Brief Description of the Product

The Runtastic’s Orbit Fitness Band is a particular type of fitness band that allows users to track steps, calories burned and even their sleep patterns. The premium quality band is waterproof to a maximum depth of 330 feet. So, if you have the desire to burn significant amount of calories and you want to monitor your progress while diving or underwater, this branded fitness band is highly capable of doing that for you. This fitness band is loaded with features that nudge users to activity such as vibrating when users are inactive for extended period of time. The band also vibrates in the morning.

According to the manufacturer, the Runtastic’s Orbit Fitness Band comes with a battery that can last for about seven days on one charge. This is also combined with the Runtastic Me application. This app enables users to set their fitness goals. Another interesting thing about this product is that this provides users with ideal recommendation as far as their fitness is concerned.

Notable Features of Runtastic’s Orbit Fitness Band

TheRuntastic’s Orbit Fitness Band is a new fitness tracker that will surely serve fitness and health enthusiasts. This is a fitness band that works with an exclusive Runtastic’s application data. With this fitness band, it would be easier for users to track their active minutes, sleep cycles, steps, calories burned and fitness goals. The band also features clear LED display for quick and convenient glancing of data as well as alarm and time. The following are the most notable features of Runtastic’s Orbit Fitness Band:

  • This premium quality and durable fitness band is completely waterproof up to 330 feet. Users do not really need to take this off out of charging times.
  • The device cannot only be worn on wrists. The fitness band comes with clip that allows users to attach this on their clothes.
  • The fitness band comes in varieties of attractive colors.
  • The product comes with LED screen allowing users to track data even on the run without the need to dig out their smart phones.
  • This fitness band also features wireless synching through Bluetooth of phone application in combination with the fitness band. This feature paved way for more comprehensive data analysis based on the data transmitted to the fitness device.
  • One size of fitness band fits all.
  • This fitness band is proven to be comfortable and flexible.
  • The Runtastic’s Orbit Fitness Band is stylish and a reliable and durable accessory.
  • This wearable fitness band is easy to change.
  • Each wristband includes a clip to allow users attach the band on their clothes.
  • Shipment of this product is made available on selected locations. This has a shipping weight of 4.5 ounces.


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Why Individuals Should Get Orbit Fitness Band?

Real-world testing reveals that the quality of this fitness band is guaranteed and this comes with an application that really works. There are lots of definite reasons why you need to consider using this device and make this a part of your fitness routine. The Runtastic’s Orbit Fitness Band helps in pushing your fitness level to another level through daily activities. This fitness band is an ideal option for you because this will not frustrate and stress you with unreliable Bluetooth connections, complicated interfaces and crash-prone software that are not compatible with your fitness routine.


This exclusive and quality fitness tracker does every wonderful thing that users can expect from an ideal fitness band. This is waterproof therefore the fitness band remains functional even if users are underwater to a maximum of 330 feet. This band can be used both when swimming and jogging. The wireless synching is also another advantage you can experience when using this fitness band during your fitness routine. The battery can last for seven days, which means that the band can serve you on its intended purpose on extended period of time.

Another advantage of using the Runtastic’s Orbit Fitness Band is that aside from being a fitness tracker, it doubles as a typical running watch. Once the Runtastic’s app was sync on a device, you can utilize the small screen on the fitness band to be able to view primary statistics like current pace, distance and other fitness details.

The application itself is perhaps the most distinguishing and beneficial feature of the Runtastic’s Orbit Fitness Band. Aside from compiling all your data, this fitness band also provides recommendations that are based on fitness goals.

The amazing sets of benefits provided by this quality fitness band are actually the reasons why it is considered an excellent choice when you are looking for the best fitness wearable. The fact that this band can enhance your fitness level and provide you with accurate results is enough to choose this over other brands of related products.

Bottom Line

The Runtastic’s Orbit Fitness Band gives users with reliable fitness data tracking. This will surely inspire or motivate them to optimize their behaviors as well as their over-all lifestyle. Some says that this is expensive for a fitness tracker, but given all the features and benefits, this is a product indeed worth an investment.


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