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Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Review

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For individuals who have been anticipating and waiting for the smaller sibling of Samsung carrying the Galaxy S5 flagship, wait no more because it was officially announced that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini will soon be available in UK this August. The good news that will surely make people delighted is that this product will be available in both physical and online stores. There have been plenty of mobile devices offered in the market these days but Samsung phones are definitely closer to the heart of many. This is probably because majority of Samsung phone units are loaded with convenient and impressive features that guarantee unmatched user experience.


Product Description

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini display key features that include power saving mode, heart rate monitor, connectivity to other Samsung devices, fingerprint scanner and more. Potential buyers and customers can expect for a 4.5 inch LED display. The phone also features 16GB storage and a microSD with a maximum of 64GB storage. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is noted for being dust and water resistance. This Samsung mobile device is packed with features that will surely give you an enjoyable experience each time you use the device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Review

Most Highlighted Features of Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Aside from the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, the unit’s features are also the main factors that fuel the excitement and enthusiasm of shoppers. It has really been a long time and now, the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 mini has arrived. It is worth the wait knowing that a high performing device is loaded with full and additional features. This product is now making its entry in the crowded and competitive market but many are certain that this product can manage to stand out. The following are the most highlighted features of Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini:

  • Build and Design

It is apparent that this mobile device has plastic build. This product is also dust and water resistant. These are features that are usually reserved for high-end mobile devices. With its dust and water resistant design and features, the device becomes more durable to elements and capable of withstanding accidental spills. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini might be mini by its name, but probably not when it comes to feature and nature.

  • Super Screen

One of the notable features that this mobile device is best known for is the great screens. The device has only 720 by 1280 display and with a 4.5 inch size; it is still enough for 326 pixel density for every inch. The screen is said to be clear and crisp. Samsung’s super LED technology, this phone device has been created vibrant, bright and capable of delivering natural colors. The viewing angles are also impressive. It is just fair to say that this device has the most ideal screens around.


  • Power

The performance of Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is somewhat professional. With its 1.5 GB RAM and 1.4 Ghz quad-core processor, this device is not lacking for sufficient power. Power is not really a big problem in this device.

  • Camera

This device is equipped with a eight megapixel camera. The phone’s camera is capable of taking decent photos. Aside from this, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is also loaded with amazing shooting modes. This can also record videos at 30 FPS and there is a 2.1 megapixel camera in front.

  • Connectivity, Battery life and Memory

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini comes with a battery of 2100 mAh. The device also features an impressive and reliable ultra-power saving feature that regulates background tasks and turns the screen into black and white in order to increase battery life. Users probably have the desire to keep their phone running for long time but when worrying on low battery life, this saving mode feature can actually make the device last longer.

When it comes to connectivity, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is equipped with NFC, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IR Blaster plus microSD slot allowing users to expand on 16GB internal storage easily.

  • Fingerprint Scanner

This Samsung mini version also includes a fingerprint scanner that is surprisingly useful for users for this makes the process of unlocking the phone quicker.

  • Heart Rate Monitor

This feature is quite interesting especially to those who are serious about their fitness and health. The heart rate monitor can possibly be incorporated in their daily routines.

Pros and Cons

Just like any other mobile devices, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini also has its own sets of strengths and drawbacks. However, it is apparent that the advantages of this product outweigh its flaws. This Samsung mini version is packed with convenient and modern features that promote better performance and functionality. This also comes with larger, crisper and clearer screen, which make it easy for users to see data clearly. The longer lasting battery time is also an advantage. This only mean longer talk time and other related functionality.

However, there are two common drawbacks linked to this product. One is the plastic build and next is the cost. There are some users who dislike plastic build however; there are still those who feel in contrary. The cost is also one common issue with this product. Many customers find Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini to be expensive but given all the amazing specs and features, this product is really worth buying for. The device has captured the spirit of Samsung Galaxy S5 and most of its features standout.

With these sets of amazing features, this mobile device will surely become highly in demand. This excels in terms of features and specs. This mini version will never disappoint users when it comes to performance. There might be many other mobile devices to choose from but the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is worth the penny in your pocket.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini has similar build as the Galaxy S5, but this device manages to set itself apart through the exclusive features it displays. This comes with heart rate monitor and fingerprint scanner – two important features that you will hardly find in other phones. This phone certainly displays interesting selling point. This is a safe and beneficial bet for those who are after quality, efficiency and durability.





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